Our Services

Based in Mosman, the Harrold’s vans have been a familiar sight around the streets of the Lower North Shore for over 50 years delivering quality electrical services wherever and whenever they are needed.


LED Lighting

Talk to us about retro fitting your halogen down lights with LED fittings in your home and see for yourself the stunning results!.

Power Points and Safety Switchboards

Are your power points inconveniently located for your appliances?

Talk to us about installing points where you need them and we can advise you on how many points are suitable for your circuits.

If an electrical fault occurs in your wiring or in an appliance will your switchboard protect you and your family?

Residual Current Devices, also referred to as Safety Switches, cut out instantly when a fault occurs protecting you from electrical shocks!


Smoke Alarms

We can supply and install new photo electric smoke detectors which are highly recommended by the NSW Fire Brigade.

We also check, test and maintain your existing detectors and supply a certificate to comply with your local council requirements.

Ceiling Cooling Fans

A fabulous, cost efficient way to cool your home during the hot summer months. We can supply and fit a fan to suit your needs.

Sensors and Security Lighting

Sensor units fitted to your existing exterior fittings or to additional spot fittings conveniently light up when you pull into the driveway, enter your gate or fumble for your keys at the front door.

Security sensor lights can also be used to alert you when someone enters your property.


We can supply and install: TV, NBN and data outlets, intercoms and CTV cameras, doorbells, stoves, cooktops and range-hoods, hot water systems, exhaust fans, IXL units, towel rails, garden lighting and pond pumps.

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We repair and supply parts for all your electrical installations at home.

Bring your table lamps and small appliances into our workshop to have them re-wired and repaired.